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Scratch N Dent Sale!

All month long--
All items scratched and dented!
(chipping still $15 extra)

Special Purchase!

Taliban BoxCar Apartment Unit
The ultimate in railroad style living.

You'll be living in style when you move into one of these fine Taliban railroad boxcars.

Fully fire-retardant and nearly impervious to break ins, these nicely squared units just scream STYLE!

Let the Talibans loss be your gain!  Great for cozy winter nights!

For a limited time, we will include FREE a WINDOW KIT and a HEATING KIT to make the boxcar apartment more "homy".

The WINDOW KIT contains everything you will need to install a half dozen windows.  Included in the kit is a box fan, to use during summer months or after a shower.


The HEATING KIT includes a gas heating unit capable of producing considerable winter comfort.

Five gallon bucket included for ease of installation.


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