roadside appliance showroom

Scratch N Dent Sale!

All month long--
All items scratched and dented!
(chipping still $15 extra)

Welcome to our complete room showroom!

Package #1

Our Studio package has all thats needed for a studio apartment. You'll sleep soundly on the finest  in green colored bedding, enjoy the gold carpeting while sitting in your red easy chair.  Included is a fine dresser and an extra screen for your window.

Package #2

For the small family on the go, this package says it all. Starting with the yellow slug toy for the rug rat and continuing through the "easy out" chair you have the finest in furnishings.


Package #3

The ultimate bedroom set contains not only enough bedding for a whole family, but a large screen television and a door-- with a window! Put on your socks in style sitting in the red chair.


Package #4

For those who regularly entertain, this set is the ultimate fashion statement. Enjoy your big screen TV in the fomfort of your sofabed.  When you are done entertaining, clean everything up in the automatic washer.


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